Vanishing Point

by Run Child Run

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Vanishing Point is a musical treasure ready to be unearthed. The album is a series of evocative late-night reflections guided by hypnotic vocals that emerge from a landscape of thick atmospheres, hypnotic beats, and minimal organ.

Drawing from a wide range of influences - such as the modal jazz of Coltrane and Miles, the classical Indian music of Nikhil Banerjee and Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, the trip-hop of Portishead and the minimalism of James Blake - Run Child Run commands a rich palette of sounds that take on an almost mystic quality; simultaneously ancient and distinctly new.

In RCR's own words: “The music is primarily a process, a practice of self-discovery more concerned with approach than with outcome. It is a meditation, in which melodies and rhythms are explored through repetition until they find their simple resting place.”

The opening track ‘Darbari’ gradually builds through chimes and reverberating strings, evoking the rich tradition of the ghazal, as it transitions into the steady drone and ethereal vocalizations of ‘Hungry’. Nodding to the spiritual works of Alice Coltrane, Run Child Run pushes influence forward with his merging of warm vocal harmonies with undulating 808 beats. The danceable electronics come to the fore in the propulsive ‘Can’t Catch Me’, before switching to the plaintive, unadorned lyricism of ‘Whispering One’.

Closing on the eerie rhythms and washed-out synths of ‘Stay There’ and ‘Untitled’, Vanishing Point proves to be a deeply layered and complex record, one in which its single-mindedness creates a beautiful space of open reflection for the listener.


released January 25, 2018

Produced by Ian Sims and Indrayudh Shome
Recorded and Mixed by Ian Sims at The Cocoon II, Brooklyn NY
Additional Mixing by Matan Ben-Zi at O'Deer Recording, Brooklyn NY
Mastered by Eric Broyhill at MonsterLab Audio, Stockholm Sweden

Artwork by David Terranova


all rights reserved



Run Child Run

Multi-instrumentalist and singer, Ian Sims has collaborated with a diverse group of artists including Nicolas Jaar, Queen Elephantine, Dave Harrington, and Momo Ishiguro - while patiently developing his own distinct style.

Ian released his debut album, Vanishing Point, in January 2018.

His second album, Peace Process, is out now. Learn more about the making of the record on
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Track Name: Hungry
Hungry for your, love and affection
Somehow, you are (both) the cure and infection

There is no body like you

All I am is hungry baby

Track Name: Cant Catch Me
Nanana…. can't catch me

You're fast, but I'm smooth
Time pass, but does it move
I'm the man in the middle of the field you cannot see
It will take more than just your hands to get a grasp of me

I'm on the run, on the run, on the run, on the run
I caught that train, caught that train, caught that train, caught that train
I'm in another land, another land, another land, another land
I'm a whole new man, I'm a whole new man

You're right, but I'm left
Have you heard the singing bowl at the top your breath
Just when you thought that you'd figure out, some secret thing that the riddles about
Like your lap, when you stand, your voice as you speak out

Nanana… can't catch me

Your shore, but I'm sea
Every grain of you, is just a wave of me
Have no fear, you are not alone
Just watch the drawing of the ancient stone pendulum

I'm on the run, on the run, on the run, on the run
I caught that train, caught that train, caught that train, caught that train
I'm in another land, another land, another land, another land
I'm a whole new man, I'm a whole new man

Nanana….can't catch me

Who, what, when, where, why, how
You can't catch me
You can't catch me

Track Name: Whispering One
Money comes, and money goes
But the seeker already knows
The feel of gold, is oh so cold
Without a soul, already whole

The man in back, a whispering one
A crazy man, only to some
From break of day, til the day is done
A murmured wisdom, of the sun

He told me with a riddled thought
That summer's here, and here's a shot
A shot at what, my question came
I have no gun, I have no aim

His voice was worn, but never cracked
He placed a hand upon my back
The truth of this has no attack
While looking forward, pointing back

The cannibals of melody
And wicked thieves of poetry
Do not fear their vicious bite
Their desperate ways are not your fight

The path is long, too long to run
We made it here with what we've brung
A foolish thought to think we're done
We just woke up, we've just begun

He told me, now, I'm telling you
You tell it on, you see it thru
The rolling mountain river's blue
Where's the ocean, where are you?